Leisure and Activities

Local Attractions and things to do in Lalín

Lalin area extends over 300 sq. km. It is mainly a rural area divided into 50 amaller entities, traditionally described as parishes. The landscape mixes hills, plateaus and leafy valleys.

There are many interesting places to visit, cretainly suitable to get in touch with nature.

Pontiñas Path

Along the Pontiñas stream, it is set a walking path and a cycling route which crosses the village East-West direction. On the way, it crosses 15 bridges and pontoons and it passes by 10 traditional stream powered  millhouses. This a certainly pleasent way to experience nature in a relaxed mood.

Castro Tecnolóxico

Castro Tecnolóxico, as it was named the modern Townhall in Lallín, it is an avant-garde building world class reference in the XXI century Spanish architecture. Designed by the studio Luis M. Mansilla & Emilio Tuñón, it is a resemblance by means of its distribution of circular shaped floors, the old keltic fortress of Donramiro, a parish nearby. As those of the keltic constructions, the interior and external apperence is dominated by circular shapes.

Catasós Forest

This is a unique atlantic forest counting on some chestnut trees 30 meters high and 5 and half meters thick. The trees hold special legal protection under the a qualification as Natural Monuments. Some of them are consider to be the tallest specimens in Europe. A short walk over the soil paved with a thick carpet of dry leafs will let the visitors find the most reserved corners of the forest. The experience to visit the Catasós Forest will be a sort of time trip to the natural spaces that once cover with this kind of forests a major part of the Galician territory.

  • pazo liñares

Pazo de Liñares

This is a rual palace barroquesque type of construction sponsored by Álvaro Núñez Taboada. It was inhabited till the initial years of the XX century, eventhough the usage on the previuos century by the owner family restricted to a vacation residency. With a L-shaped floor, it is of special interest the main hall, the library and the guns store along with some romanesque elements. It is also nice the view and the feel when showing out on its great bancony overlooking  the surounding properties of the palace. Detached from the main building, we can visit the private chapel, the service houses, two stone ovens and several buildings for the domestic animals. In the garden, a big cypress a magnolio tree and a fountain.